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Our Commitment

We believe some traditions are made to be broken. That includes building walls around our residents and not embracing all that life has taught them and all they have yet to learn.

To our residents and their families, we strive to make our communities truly a home where children running through the hallways are not shushed but encouraged because it means multiple generations are growing old together. We are dedicated to our value of socialization and creating an environment where families want to visit not have to visit out of duty. And know when you are not here, your loved one is being cared for with dignity, as if they were our own family.

To our employees, we recognize the 5 generations working for us and will create a sense of belonging for all. We celebrate your service to the residents each day –formally and informally. And commit to a fair and equitable working environment. Your work/life balance will be respected, so you can continue to build new traditions with your family and the people important to you.

To the towns and cities in which we reside, you are our neighbors. It is important, though not necessary to open our doors to you and become a part of your community. We will be a resource for your students to not only learn from their elders, but also come and share their passions & projects, teaching our residents about the world children are growing up in. Our spaces will be open to share laughter, learn new things and build a better community.

To the owners and business stakeholders, we recognize you have a choice in the management of the homes you have built. We are committed to recognizing you can do good across generations and be profitable. Like our residents, we will never stop learning, growing and trying new things – a commitment to innovation. Because we all work to leave behind something enduring for future generations... like a long-standing tradition.

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